Wednesday, April 5th

1. Feedback on Monday's Work:

Quick Write

10 out of 25 completed the task
40 %

4 Events

7 people

3 Events


2 Events

1 person

1 Events

2 people

0 Events

2 people

2. Quick Write for Today

Which of the 4 events you have is the most significant? Why? Give at least 2 reasons.

3. Research and Wiki Writing

Your main goal is to build your 4 wiki pages with your partner. Remember, each page must contain the following:

  • A summary and analysis (what it is and why it is important)

  • At least one significant image, explain

  • At least one link to a relevant website or article (must be credible), explain

Remember to write in a word document first.

When it is edited and polished, you should then cut and paste it into the wiki.