June 5, 1947 Marshall Plan is Announced

The goal of the Marshall Plan was to revive Europe. At first look giving European nations $20 billion seems like a horrible
idea economically for the United States, but the money given would not only be given to the European nations but would quickly
be pumped back into the United States as the European nations would use the money to purchase goods and services provided
by the United States. These things would have to be shipped by United States merchant vessels.

On June 5, 1947 at Harvard University, U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall made the plan known. The
plan wasn't as simple as give the money over. There were guide lines that the European nations had to follow in order to receive
the money. They had to work together to create a plan on how to use this money to help revive the nations, which was the overall
goal of the Marshall Plan. The Soviet Union was apart of this plan but declined the offer on the fact that Stalin regarded it as a trap.

The plan was put into action, and six years later, the plan had been long in affect already pumping $13 billion into European
nations. The plan did indeed help in the rejuvenation of the European nations. Marshall Plan was able to help the European Nations,
the U.S. and helped stop the spread of communism.

The Marshall Plan's effect on and relation to the Cold War

The Marshall plan was offered to the Soviet Union and its allies in East Europe, but because Stalin believed that the plan was a trap by the U.S., the Soviet Union and its allies refused the help. Stalin regarded it as an anti-communist trick. It helped the U.S. gain trust with the Western European nations, influencing them not to allow the westward expansion of the Soviet Union and communism.

The link about is to http://www.american.gov/. This is the website I used to write this summary on the Marshall Plan.

This image shows how the multi-billion dollars that the U.S. gave to aid European Nations were distributed.

Marshall Plan 60th Anniversary - VOA Story

This video is a 60th anniversary video further explaining the goals of the Marshall Plan and explains how the plan was very effective in bringing hope and its positive affect on "moral" of those living in these European Nations.