Communist takeover in Czechoslovakia

After WW2 Czechoslovakia was in the Soviet Unions sphere of influence. Czechoslovakia started negotiations with the KSC. During 1945 the socialist parties in Czechoslovakia were banned Populist party form interacting with Nazis. Soon all parties besides the Socialist/Communist parties were banned from participating in anything after the the war. Any person who was a Nazi sympathizer had their land confiscated and it was redistributed to the peasants. Also Czechoslovakia industries were nationalized.


Communist uprising

In 1946 the KSC membership went for 27,000 to 1.1 million. After the Czechs were disappointed by the west in Munich they were more in favor of the KSC and Soviet Alliance. This gave the communists more support and a stronger grasp in the elections with the support of the people. Then is the election of 1946 the people decided to reelect their leader Benes, But the communist were able to gain control of the Ministries of Information, International trade, Finance, and Interior. This included the power of the police. Control of these gave the communists the power to put down resistance against communism. In 1947 the KSC began to trade non-communists for communists. Also they were pushing new land policies only allowing people to own 50 acres. The non-communist parties were getting fed up so they went to Benes to try to make elections sooner to get the communists out of the ministries but it didn't work. The communists used it control of the military to put down resistance and arm a farmer militia. With fear of Soviet Intervention Benes caved in and Czechoslovakia became a communist nation.

Communist take over in Czechoslovakia