1949 : The Berlin Blockade Ends.

The Berlin Blockade was when the Soviet Union completely alienated Western and Eastern Berlin from each other. It took place June 24,1948. This division was put in place to have the Eastern Germany remain communist and to close off the Soviet government from the rest of Germany. The Soviet Union halted any supplies from getting into Western Berlin areas. Since there was no supplies,like food, getting into those certain areas massive amounts of starvation had surfaced. Stalin considered this action would make the Western Nations give up consolidating with Germany.


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With the Blockade in affect it caused problems for the Western Berlin areas. 2.1 million people had ran out of food. With that many people out of food dominant forces stepped in. The Berlin Airlift was about to occur. Americans and the British flew food and supplies into these deprived areas. For 327 days there was supplies that were transported into the country. Approximately 2.3 million tons of supplies were flown in. Western Berlin survived mainly because of the acts of the British and Americans. Finally the Soviet Union realized that they got beat. The Blockade was then finally lifted in May of 1949

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