Soviets explode first atomic bomb


During World War II the Soviets began the development of an atomic bomb. The decision was made when the Soviets found out that America was developing a bomb of the sort of there own. The project was lead by a Igor Kurchatov, a respected scientist at the time. Their plans however were not to develop the bomb entirely on their own but to obtain information about Americas efforts. The espionage was highly successful when Soviet intelligence obtained important plans and detailed diagrams of the American bomb. When the intelligence was shown to Igor Kurchatov it set off the nuclear arms race for the Soviets. The soviets tested their first atomic bomb "First Lightning" on August 29th 1949. The bomb was in great similarity to Americas first atomic bomb "Fat Man" using a plutonium based TNT/Hexogen implosion lens design. Its safe to say that in Americas success to create an atomic bomb it also directly lead to the Soviets first successful atomic bomb.

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Soviet Atomic Bomb Test

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This website was helpful because if gave a lot of information regarding names. It gave names of people that made, tested, and oversaw the building of the bomb.
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This article goes into more detail about the bomb itself. Giving more in depth details. Details like what the name of the bomb itself was. "First Lightning". It helped me by giving me details I probably wouldn’t have found on websites that are strictly facts.