Sputnik launched into orbit

Come one Come all to see the amazing Sputnik the first satellite launched into orbit, as we crush the helpless Americans on a race to the moon!
Little do they know that all this " Space Race" all is our latest technology on guided missiles.

The Sputnik was the first satellite ever launched into the earths orbit. The Sputnik was surprisingly small weighing at 183.4 pounds.
The Sputnik was filled with technology that had the capability to guide missiles and take snap shots from a distance. The whole "space race came about due to a huge moral conflict. Threats of War is necessary to hold different dangers at bay but what happens two different countries threaten each other well usually you get a war. Let's look at a different situation where both countries were still recovering from the devastations of war. Well you get a Cold War. When The Soviet Union finds out The United States holds within their borders a weapon that could take out cities at time. That scared the Soviet Union, so the Soviet Union answered we have weapons of mass destructions too ! Hence the War of threats occured.

The Soviet Unions Scientist were breaking the seams of technology. The American scientist were going strait for the moon. While many wondered the real reason most officials know very well what was going on. Both countries sat on the edge of their seat waiting for the other country to make the move. This was the Cold war.

The Sputnik caught the eyes of all the world. People were clearly starting to distinguish world powers. The technological advances that the Soviet Union acomplished struck fear in every single heart in America. Living with the constant fear that you could be watched by a national enemy. That scares many people today.

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