1959 Cuba taken over by Fidel Castro

  • In 1959, Cuba had just announced a new leader. Shortly after, on October 3rd, Fidel Castro, recently out of law school, and law classes, forcefully took over control of Cuba. Him, his younger brother, and over 130 skilled army men took over the power. For over 5 decades now, Castro has been leading Cuba as a dictator. He made many changes to the Cuban culture, including agriculture, the industry, and seized all American-owned businesses and farms.

Fidel Castro officially announcing his role of the new leader of Cuba.

  • Recently in 2006, Castro temporarily gave the role to his younger brother, Raul Castro. Throughout all these past years, the United States had numerous counts of attempts to overthrow and kill Castro. The United States did not like him, whatsoever and wanted him out of power. Unfortunately, they did not have any success.


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