John F. Kennedy requests 25 percent increase in spending for U.S. military

In July of 1969 John F. Kennedy addressed the American people. He proposed an increase of U.S. military funding in preparation on the threat in West Berlin. Saying that an attack on West Berlin was an Attack on America. The proposal was to increase the military defense budget by $3.25 billion dollars and to employ 200 thousand more troops. Although it was a very controversial topic, it received an approval rating of 85% with the viewers. The following month the U.S.S.R blocked all passage of travel from East Berlin to West Berlin. Barbed wire fences soon became the Berlin wall.

external image berlin_wall.jpg
Berlin Wall

"John F. Kennedy : Biography." John F. Kennedy. Spartacus Educational. Web. 31 Mar. 2011. <>.This page is a small biography on John F. Kennedy.
It also has a part on when he requested 25 percent military increase for the United States Military. It was one of the few pages I could find that actually talked about the topic.