1962: U.S. Involvement in Vietnam Increases With a Surge of Troops

In 1962 the U.S. increased their number of troops in Vietnam with operations like Chopper and Ranch Hand. Operation Chopper occurred on January 12, 1962 and was the first combat action taken against the Vietcong, a communist guerilla group of North Vietnam. The U.S. took about 1,000 South Vietnamese by helicopter to a location near Saigon. Once there the South Vietnamese swept a National Liberation Front stronghold. Operation Ranch Hand was of a different type of mission. This was a preventative mission that lasted throughout the war. Because the Vietcong used guerilla tactics and could use the vegetation along the roads as cover, the U.S. used a herbicide called Agent Orange to kill the plants. They also used it on guerilla trails, base areas and crops as the war progressed. 1962 signified the first year where there was actual combat between the U.S. and Vietcong.

The Vietnam War was between the North Vietnamese and Southern Vietnamese. In ideology this was a war between communism and democracy. The North led by Ho Chi Minh who was a communist wanted Vietnam to return to one big country all under his control. This caused the U.S. to get involved because their overall goal during the Cold War was to prevent the spread of communism. So the U.S. got involved with the battle between the South and North. Even with all of the reinforcement from the U.S. South Vietnam still failed in halting the invasion attempt by Viet Cong. Under South Vietnams leader, the U.S. bombed North Vietnam as a intimidation act. After three years of intense war between the North and South, South Vietnam was over- powered by the commanding North

This image shows Operation Ranch Hand where the U.S. military dumped tons and tons of herbicides onto Vietnam to kill vegetation, preventing the Vietcong from using their guerilla tactics.

**http://www.pbs.org/battlefieldvietnam/index.html** -The links on this website provide a detailed account of the Vietnam War as well as a timeline to see all the events in sequence.

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