1973: Egypt and Syria attack Israel ; Egypt requests Soviet aid

During the Cold War the Unites States of America, created an alliance with Israel to insure a permanent Jewish state that was created for the first time in 1947. The Americans provided millions of dollars towards the creation of this state. The one that collaborated this states was Truman. He provided as well as eleven minutes of the Declaration of Independence on May 14,1948. The alliance with the United States and Israel, created a large dispute. At the time the the Secretary of State was John Marchall, who apposed the alliance. He knew because of the alliance the Americans were going to have over seas would have caused hatred on us, because of the creation of the Jewish state. The next election in the United States Truman recognized Israel literacy.

300px-USS_Liberty.jpg<----USS Liberty after Israeli attack.
In 1973, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel. This war that was declared is now known as the Yom Kipper war. Six days into the war the United States just left an aircraft known as, Operation Nickel Grass, in Israel that delivered over 20,000 tons of military equipment. They claim the Israel's won the Yom Kipper because of the Americans recourses they had left for them.The Arab's knew about the Americans having an allis, which caused the Arab's to have hatred on us. The Arab's wanted to rebel against the Americans, doing so they raised the price of oil embargo and raised the posted price of oil 70%, which led to the 1973 oil crisis.

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This article written by Kjeilen, describes the Yom Kipper War. The war was fought between Israel on one side and Egypt on the other. It also involved Iraq and Jordan that was on the backside. The war lasted three weeks from October 6, 1973 and ended October 22 on the front of Syria and October 26 on the Egyptian front. I will be using this information on my wiki space project.

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This article written by, Vanetil and Zaki, describes Egypt and Syria attacking Israel. It tells about Egypt and Syria when they attacked Israel during the time the Yom Kippur War broke out. The National Security Advisory Henry Kissinger, led the “settlement policy”. The United States had no interest in promoting peace. It pressured Israel to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula. As well as withdrawing from the six day war. I plan on using this information about Egypt and Syria attacking Israel in my wiki space document.