1973 U.S helps overthrow Chile government

During 1973 the United States was working toward a Alliance for Progress treaty with Chile. During Chile's election the United States stepped in and sent sponsors to promote candidate Eduardo Frei to the Chilean people. President Lyndon Johnson wanted candidate Eduardo Frei to take the election, thus getting the American's on better terms with Chile. America even went as far as to found Eduardo Frei's presidency. The United States never gave up on there hope to have Chile elect a president who would be on there side. Following the election of Salvador Allende and Eduardo Frei, Salvador Allende ran for another term in office although it was prohibited. When election tim came around Americans found a new interest in Gorge Alessandri, who again was founded my American dollars.

The United States helping to overthrow the communist government in Chile was a very significant turning point at this time in history due to the fact that Eduardo Frei lost the election after President Lyndon Johnson had sent over millions of U.S. dollars. The United States after funding two elections to prevent the presidency of Salvador Allende had greatly failed. Allende was ruining Chile"s government, in his first year unemployment went dropped to 4.8 percent.

Connection to the Essential Question
It has been said that the CIA spent around $3 million to make sure that Allende did not win the presidential election.With Salvador Allende now in power, the communist party was still in power of Chile. The CIA was greatly involved in the mission to overthrow Chile's government. They sponsored anti-Allende propaganda and supported anti-Allende politicians.

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