1975: North Vietnam defeats South Vietnam

In early 1975 the South Vietnamese Army lost twenty planes in a failed effort to defend a key province Phuoc Long, just north of another key province, Saigon. The North Vietnamese leaders took advantage of the lack of response from the U.S. to the siege of the planes and started to move more aggressively in the South. US President Gerald Ford, anticipating a surrender to the Communist forces, in a speech in New Orleans announced that as far as the US involvement in the war, the Vietnam War is “finished.” On April 30th, 1975, Duong Van Minh, the South Vietnamese president delivers a unconditional surrender to the Communists, and North Vietnamese Colonel Bui Tin accepts the surrender and states the “Only the Americans have been beaten. If you are patriots, consider this a moment of joy." This event played a crucial role in the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam and Cold war, because this was when the United States Left Vietnam.


Vietnam War Timeline


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