1983: President Reagan proposes Strategic Defense Initiative

The Strategic Defense Initiative was a plan proposed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. The SDI was a defense system with the main purpose to prevent nuclear attacks on the U.S. by the Soviet Union. It came to be known as Star Wars because of it’s technological similarities to the popular sci-fi movie. The initiative included such as lasers in space as well as on the ground along with computer-guided projectiles to stop missiles in mid-flight. No part of the plan was ever implemented and with the downfall of the Soviet Union the SDI became unnecessary. Though the project was not needed once the Cold Ward ended, many believed it was of great knowledge to have the SDI in place in case of an attack for proceeding years.

It’s important to the conflict between the United States and the USSR because a major component of the Cold War was the threat of nuclear weapons. This initiative was created in order to limit the threat of a nuclear attack on U.S. soil and possibly if it was effective it would make the Soviet Union less likely to attack.


This image was a 'Strategic Defense Initiate advertisement in 1983.

This image shows the more unlikely components
of Reagan’s proposed SDI such as space-based

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