Communist Governments Fall in Czechoslovakia

Velvet Revolution


On November 27, 1989 a peaceful riot broke out in the city of Prague. The amount of non-violent
protesters increased from 200,000 to an estimate d 500,000 in a matter of days that week against the communism power. Police tried to suppress the crowds, but their attempts were futile against the large amounts of people. This successful riot lead to a mostly non-communist government in December 1989. A democratic vote was then held the next year in July, which was the first since 1946.external image velvet+revolution.jpg

Significance and Connection

The acts of courage given by the Czech's was a stimulant to other nations such as Poland and Hungary to rise against their communist leaders, which made this event very important. Without this revolution, many countries could still be under communist power. A big factor was the lack of destruction during the riot and a simple, peaceful tactic proved to be the most effective. It was so effective, the leaders that were currently in power were in charge were taken over by revolutionaries, because the revolution only took a few weeks. This had an obvious impact on the Cold War on its effect of halting communist progress and giving hope to other countries to do the same.

Live Footage of the Velvet Revolution

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