1989 Soviet troops withdraw from Afghanistan


Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on December 25, 1979. The Soviet invaded Afghanistan to get rid of their current government and spread Communism. They were in Afghanistan for 9 years. They Held the capital Kabul and the only airport.

Reasons For Withdrawal

-To much money to maintain supplies and arms (13,714 was the total amount of vehicles lost)
  • 451 aircraft
  • 147 tanks
  • 1,314 IFV/APCs
Soviet APCs

  • 433 artillery guns and mortars
  • 11,369 cargo and fuel tanker trucks
-Lost 15,031 men by the wars end.
  • Lost 14,427 Army
  • Lost 576 KGB
  • 28 people

The Soviet Union could not conquer the terrain because of all the mountains, the Afghans had many places to hide so Soviets could not find the Afghan forces. The Afghans would use hit and run tactics taking out soviet personal, tanks, aircraft, and supplies.


After the "Great" Soviet military's embarrassment of the war in Afghanistan the Soviets decided to start pulling its forces out of Afghanistan. The economic pressure on the U.S.S.R. was one of the biggest reasons that the Soviets had to leave. They could not keep up with the costs of Military equipment to maintain a war in Afghanistan. The withdrawal of Soviet troops was the begging of the end for the cold war for the Soviet Union. They did not have the money in their economy to keep up in the weapons race with the United States. Another factor in the withdrawal was because of all losses the Soviet were facing. To the devastating losses of equipment and man power. The Soviet were able to hold the capital of Kabul and the only airfield but was not able to get any further. The mountains forced the Soviets into submission because the couldn't fight an enemy they couldn't find. In May 1988 the Soviets started to pull out their troops. By February 15, 1989 the last Soviet soldier left Afghanistan. The United States is now facing the same problems as the Soviets in Afghanistan do you think that we will be able to conquer the Afghan fighters?
Afghan fighter with Anti Air weapon

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