1989: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall separated the east and the west. The east was communist,controlled by the Soviet Union and the west was democracy, controlled by France, Britain, and America. The wall was built as a barrier of the two sides of government. The wall was 103 miles and it was 12 feet tall. The traveling from side to side was limited to none and if you were to climb over the wall the guards were to shoot you. On the website "Ten facts..about the Berlin Wall" says "Official figures show that at least 136 people died trying to cross the border. People get from East to West were regarded as traitors and guards were instructed to shoot at them if they attempted to cross, although not to kill them." The wall was to stop people from the East going into the West but 2.6 million people from the East escaped to the West. The Falling of the Berlin wall was a significant turning point in history. It recognizes the end of communism in Germany and the rest of Europe. The fall of the wall and the end of communism lead to other countries ending communism.
The west side of the Berlin wall was covered in graffiti and the East side was not.

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Makayla Dube.