1990: Lithuania becomes independent

Lithuania became an independent country in 1990,prior to the decoration of there independence, Lithuania was a state of Russia. The independence of Lithuania was an ending resolution during the cold war. Imagine the entire east of the United States declaring themselves there own third world country. That is what Lithuania intended and that is what they accomplished. The Russian’s rebelled against the independence of Lithuania. The Russians attacked Lithuania on March 21,1991. WHen Lithuania became independent they did not have boarder control, the Russian's knowing this, willingly went into there country and attacked. The Lithuania's trying to prevent the access for the Russian's then made border posts. The Russian's then sent it to the OMON, because it was illegal. The Russian's then bombed the posts, and as a result eight Lithuanian's had died, 60 officers injured, and 23 border posts were burned and destroyed.


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This article written by, Putinaite described that the Cold War had a huge impact on the international situation. Nevertheless the out come of perestrojka brought the collapse of the soviet union. Which developed independent democratic states. Perestrojka has no general meaning but it has very specific ones for Lithuania. I will being using this in my wiki space for my project