1991: Warsaw Pact ends

The Warsaw Pact was created in 1955 and lasted 36 years until 1991. The members included the Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania. It became a counter alliance to NATO, an alliance headed by the United States. It began to deteriorate in the late 80s when nations started to pull out of the alliance. The Warsaw Pact was a structured plan to improve the Soviet Unions technology. The Soviet's adduced the agreement angering Albania and Romania who declined the companionship to Czechoslovakia. The Soviet Union guided Warsaw Pact troops into Czechoslovakia to assist them on the 'Freedom of Expression. The pact came to it’s final end with the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Warsaw Pact was an alliance of all communist nations in counter to the alliance of the United States and those nations against communism. Each alliance tried to spread their ideology to the other nations with the purpose of increasing their hold on Europe. The Warsaw Pact was officially ended on July 1, 1991.


This is a map that shows where the countries of Europe stoo within the Warsaw Pact and NATO. The NATO also included Canada and the United States in the Western world.

This video is from recent news, still about the Warsaw Pact. 'Nato' continues even past Warsaw Pact ended in 1991.

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